Food for All

We are a movement to remove involuntary hunger and malnutrition from the world

The Zero Waste Circular Economy

We use technology to implement the circular economy to granularly monitor food supply and measure the accountability and impact of our feeding programs

Food Rescue

We collect food waste from markets and retailers

Feeding Programs

We use the collected waste for freeding programs


We will use real-time analytics to maximize the utilization of volunteers

How it Works



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Food Rescue
Animal Rescue
Donation Drive

Real Impact With Every Donation

Maximized Impact, Minimized Costs

We tap local volunteers who benefit directly from the programs

Meant for Crises

Our system addresses resource allocation in whatever situation

Networked With Other NGOs

We have links with other charities and NGOs that do similar things that we do



The work is very inspiring and timely especially with the globa inflation and uncertainty

Food for all has a great potential to eliminate hunger and malnutrition